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Soap liquid made from soap berries. Great for all-natural laundry detergent, in your garden to control pests, and as eco-friendly produce wash, to mention a few.


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Soap nuts are actually a “berry” that grows on trees native to Asian countries. The berry itself contains a high level of saponins. Saponins are what creates soap. Dirt, grime, and germs bind to the saponins and then rinse away with them.

This extract can be used as an all-natural, eco-friendly laundry soap alternative, shampoo, to treat diaper rashes and yeast rashes. It is also great for naturally getting rid of garden pests, dilute, add to a spray bottle (with added instructions) and spray your plants to rid of unwanted pests. Spray yourself prior to going outside to keep the mosquitos at bay. Soap nut extract works great for a chemical free produce wash. Unsure if your farmers market produce has been sprayed with herbicides or pesticides? Bring them home and soak your produce in a diluted soap nut bath. This extract can also be used as dish soap to replace your chemical filled dish soap.

Soap nuts are naturally anti-fungal and anti-microbial. They contain high levels of vitamins.

Essential oils can be added to the extract after opening the jar.

Directions will be included with each purchase along with ideas for use.

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