American Persimmon Seedlings (Bundle of 15 Very Small) – Zone 5 Fruit


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15 bare root American persimmon seedlings from a genetic pool of superior varieties selected for cold tolerance.

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Update 3/5/23: There is a limited qty remaining and a limited window to order these.

These are bare root seedlings from select genetics (full background of seed source below). These are first year seedlings less than 1′ tall because the bed got planted a bit too densely. Because of their small size, they are listed cheaper than I would typically list a select seedling. Now is a chance to plant out a food plot or foraging spot. You could also plant persimmons into silvopasture systems so that animal feed rains down from these trees once they reach 5-8 years.

$60 for 15 seedlings includes shipping.

Seedling American Persimmon: Oikos Select
Diosypros virginiana
Seed source: Ken Asmus, Oikos Tree Crops

Ken’s description: My strain was developed using grafted trees from the following varieties: Early Golden, John Rick, Yates, Killen, Beaver, Pipher, Morris Burton and others. The seedlings were planted out over the course of a decade spaced only 5-10 ft. apart in a row that extended about 2000 feet. The plants were limbed as they grew and never sprayed. Each of the plantings I did was a surprise in that there were no bad trees in terms of overall fruit quality but there was a difference in the texture, graininess and in some very cool years astringency in fruits that do not ripen fully. For this reason I am using only the best fruitful selections at my farm for use for seeds while focusing on the earliest to ripen and the most fruitful plants in 2021. For my planting this means fruits that ripen in September and October where the whole crop ripens pretty much all at once. Because of the cloudy and cool location in southwestern Michigan about 30 miles from Lake Michigan it is far more northern and far more short season than all so called short season varieties. This is the most northern of the seed strains using a mix of seedling persimmons at our farm selecting the most productive trees that ripen early in the season which is September and October most years. The trees have taken a low of -27F in 2019 and likely can grow into zone 4 without winter damage. Male and female on separate trees-50-50 mix of male and female trees grown from seed. It is not true there is 70 percent males in a population. Amazingly diverse soils and this plant is quite vigorous in them all. Sand, loam, clay, alkaline or acidic. Zone 5ish-9.


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